Combat Sports Conditioning

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Why trust Coach Dusseault Conditioning with your athletic career? There are plenty of coaches out there, plenty of training programs and plenty of YouTube videos with ALL the information you need… Right?

With Coach Dusseault Conditioning our goal is to go above and beyond for EVERY athlete we get the opportunity to work with. Every athlete receives;

*Full access to our online training platform with Trainheroic and our exercise library with over 250+exercises

*Individualized programming based around you SPECIFICALLY (Not just your sport) whether you are taking part in our group sessions or 1 on 1.

*We have flexible programming & rates to be able to deliver MAXIMUM value to you no matter your constraints on schedule, budget or location!

We Build the athlete… Your skills coach creates the competitor

Conditioning is an athletes ability to match the energy demands of their sport… NOTHING else. 

We build the athlete, your coaches build the competitor. 
Our goal is to create the ultimate athlete to step back into competition.

This comes from; 

1. Building up your strength and aerobic foundation. Bulletproofing the body and making sure you are strong through FULL ranges of motion to be able to inflict damage from any position. 

2. Properly structuring the physical qualities you need into your training, rather than just red-lining yourself every day. 

3. Learning to listen to your body and adapt the program to help YOU see the success you’re looking for. 


Andy Turland 

ISKA World Champion

#1 Ranked K-1 Athlete In the UK