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The Coach Dusseault Conditioning Blog is focused on athlete development. You will see take-away posts from my podcast episodes (link to podcast page), and you will also see weekly thoughts and reflections from my time spent in the gym.

Why Have I Started This Blog?

My goal is to help athletes worldwide. In the beginning I spent my time focused on being in the gym, coaching and helping the athletes in my facility. As time went on, I realized that I can reach wider audiences with important messages from this work.
As well, as I always say while coaching… everyone is different. Now in the gym, this means that everyone’s training must be different, or everyone’s technique in any given exercise may look slightly different. However, in this context what I’m saying is that we all LEARN differently. If my goal is truly to reach the most athletes I can and make the biggest impact I can, I must do my best to do that in as many different ways as possible.

If you learn best by reading and you are trying to reach your goals in sport, this blog is for you.

Have The Discipline To Handle Adversity

Adversity is something we will all face. No matter what it is you are trying to do with your life, athletics or not… This is something we know we will come across. In my recently released podcast episode with Prince George Cougars scout Leland Mack, he did a great job...

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Why Train In-Season & How To Do It

There’s no way I can train while I’m in-season. There’s no time, I’m already sore from practice / playing, I don’t want to train too hard and not be able to perform! These are some of the many reasons I have heard for athletes not wanting to train in season. On the...

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24 Hours

That is how long you have in each and every day. 24 hours. The same 24 hours that your siblings have, that your parents have, that your sports heroes have and that their sport heroes had before them. Every day in the Strength & Conditioning field we work with...

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Keep Your Power

Every year, coaches are tasked with building their team. They will have try-outs, host a mass of players and then cut down to the top 15,20,30 (however many they need) and create their team. What happens to those players that get cut? They go to lower levels or they...

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Become The Ultimate Athlete

My goal with every athlete I train is to build them into the ULTIMATE athlete. This means building an athlete that can maximize their strengths in competition as well as minimize and continue to attack their weaknesses. Generally when an athlete comes to me they will...

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The Priority Scale

This blog was inspired through my podcast interview and conversation with Coach Sunz Singh. The podcast will be dropping later than this blog, but I would highly encourage you if you are in the world of high performance sport in any capacity to listen to this...

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Elite Development Podcast Takeaways

We are 15 episodes into my podcast now. Only 6 are actually aired, but we have a TON more great content ready to go. I have so enjoyed this process. I started my podcast as an idea to help guide athletes through different stages and difficulties in their careers. I...

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Training Reflections During COVID-19

We’ve been immersed in the COVID-19 crisis for over two months now. The economy has suffered a lot, the rallies to open the city up have begun, and oh so much more is taking place. From my role in strength and conditioning this time has been extremely exciting. What...

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Hesitation Leads To Devastation

Hesitation leads to devastation. This phrase on its own sounds extremely intimidating… devastation. However, allow me to dig deeper. The athletic world is FULL of athletes who want to play at the top level, want to compete against the best, and want to sign those...

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Maximize The Good

No matter how much you might try to avoid them, we are all going to have bad days. The extent of those bad days may vary person to person however trying to avoid them will likely not be successful. I spent a lot of my life trying to avoid the “bad” days. My thought...

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Yeah, but…

There are always a million reasons why NOT. Why it isn’t your fault, why the game didn’t go your way, why it’s not your responsibility, or why not to do it. A lot of those times, those reasons may absolutely be real… and they have the power to ruin you. Not everyone...

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Working WITH Your Athletes

It’s a pretty simple thought. Strength and Conditioning Coaches work with athletes. Hopefully that is straight forward enough. What I want to get into today is quite simply how to do that more effectively. What I see far too often in the world of Strength and...

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