Coach Dusseault Conditioning

Youtube Channel

What To Expect

On the Coach Dusseault Conditioning YouTube channel you will find;
● Exercise example videos from my Trainheroic Platform

● Podcast episodes

● Podcast clips with key takeaways for athletes & coaches

● Videos to help athletes navigate through the complexities of the world of strength and conditioning to ensure they are maximizing their training

Who Should Subscribe

You should subscribe to this channel if;
● You are an athlete trying to make a name for yourself in sport. Athletes are often stuck without guidance, believing that simply being a good player will be enough. My channel
will dig into what you need to be doing OUTSIDE of sport to help put you in better positions to succeed.

● Parents of elite competitive athletes. Parents hopefully have their child’s best interest at heart. However, without the proper knowledge and perspective, you can also guide your
child the wrong way in the world of competitive sport. I am not here to tell you what is best for your child. I am here to dig into what you should be looking for when signing
your child up for programs, getting them working with coaches, or even helping kids through more difficult moments in their athletic careers. You and your child will know
what is best, my goal is to provide alternative perspectives.

● Coaches: Are you running your own strength and conditioning programs? Use this channel to better understand the exercises you are providing to your athletes and the
overall goals of how the training should be working for them. Give yourself insight into new exercises to use and how to set a strength and conditioning program up properly!