The Elite Development Podcast is currently looking for sponsors! As a small business owner myself I understand the difficulty of how to get your message out there in front of a wider audience. That is why my goal with podcast sponsors is to help do that for other small businesses! 

As a sponsor of the show your business will receive;

 * A 2-3 minute feature interview that will air at the beginning of the episodes you sponsor. This will give you as the business owner (or staff member of your choice) the opportunity to tell my entire audience about your company, what you do and how you can benefit athletes, sport coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, athlete parents or anyone else involved in the journey of high performance sport! 

* Two social media promotional posts across all of my platforms to help promote your company and thank you for supporting small business

* A column in my company newsletter to promote your company and provide readers with more information about you! 

* A spot on the ‘Team Partners’ page on my website for the duration of your sponsorship which will include a column about your company, a company logo and a link to either your website or contact information for potential customers looking to contact you! 


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or learning more about podcast sponsorship, click the ‘Sponsor The Podcast’ link below to get in touch! ***NO COMMITMENT REQUIRED*** This will direct you to an email to ask questions and learn more!

Email with the subject line ‘Podcast Sponsorship’ and you will receive an email back within 24 hours!