Online Personal Training

Train Like The Pros


Our online personal training services are for those looking to better themselves physically and train like an athlete. 
You do not have to be a professional athlete to want to be at your physical best. If you are looking for a challenge and you want to push yourself, this is for you! 
Ask about our online personal training services by DMing me ‘ONLINEPT’ on instagram @coach_dusseault !

Train to perform better in your life!

Stop looking for the ‘gimmick’. Stop looking for the ‘quick fix’. 
Understand that the way you get long term sustainable results is by training consistently and taking proper care of your body. 
The best day to start is yesterday… but today is a close second. Let’s get to work! 

We also understand that every person out there is different and as a result have different needs in terms of training. 
That is why we do NOT deliver cookie cutter ‘one size fits all’ programs. 

You will receive; 
– Access to our custom training app 

– 24/7 coach support 

– Videos and written explanations of every exercise in every program

– Weekly check ins