Personal Training

Train To be the best version of yourself you can be!


Performance is defined as the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. Many people are intimidated by the idea of training with someone who works with high level athletes as they are concerned that training will be too hard, or “there’s no way I can do what THEY do”. What they are forgetting is that when a coach is focused on performance, their goal is to help each and every client carry out or accomplish an action, task, or function. Their goal is to help each and every client perform! This means that whether you are working towards conquering the world of athletic performance, or are just looking for more strength and endurance to keep up with those wild grandchildren… Performance Training is for YOU!

Train to perform better in your life!

Stop looking for the gimick! If you see something that says “achieve___ in ___ amount of time.. I hate to be the one to tell you, it is probably a scam. The way to TRULY achieve the results you are looking for is SIMPLE. Consistent training and improving your nutrition & recovery habits. The best day to start on this path is YESTERDAY! Let’s get going!!!

We also understand that every person out there is different and as a result have different needs in terms of training. That is why we have a WIDE variety of training options to fit your needs!

*1 on 1 Training: Just you and your coach! The benefit of 1 on 1 training is obviously more individual attention. I recommend starting here if you are rehabbing an injury or have a NEED for that extra attention. Sessions

Rates from 360$ – 960$ / month with only one month commitments needed, NO CONTRACTS!!!

*Semi Private Training: 1 on 2 training! You will still receive that same level of individual attention, but you can share the cost with a friend or spouse. 

Rates from 480$ – 1320$ / month *split between two people*

* Small Group Training (Limited To Groups of 5) : This is NOT a group class. Every client is still working through their own individual training sessions, it is just in a group setting to help cut costs and give some extra flexibility! 

Rates from 170$ – 340$ / month per person!