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Thank you to my company sponsors and partners. Whether sponsoring the podcast or providing my athletes with discounts & more readily available services, my team allows me to better serve my athletes and continue to bring maximum value, both in my coaching and in my podcast to everyone I come across.



Perfect Sports

We have been dedicated to providing Top Pros and Athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years! Since 2003, PERFECT Sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning physique transformation athletes who demanded the very best.

PERFECT Sports ® was the first sports nutrition company to create a New Zealand Whey Protein in Canada and we have grown to become the #1 New Zealand Whey Protein with DIESEL ®. DIESEL Whey Protein has become synonymous with natural purity, high quality, and optimal results.

Check out their website and use my discount code kenny20 for 20% off of everything you

GRIT Fitness Collective YYC

GRIT Fitness is a community focused, Canadian company founded in Calgary and powered by former athletes. We pride ourselves in design and development of quality fitness equipment and we pay it forward through ongoing community awareness and charitable activities. 

We celebrate every day unsung heroes through the collective #everydayvictories

GRIT Fitness Collective YYC  coachkd for savings on equipment and shipping costs!

Coach TJW Nutrition

Nutrition & Weight cutting specialist.
@coachtjw on Instagram

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This team is growing every day. Let’s work together for the success of the up & coming generation of athletes!

Whether you would like to collaborate on some business opportunities, sponsor the podcast, or more… I am always open to hearing about new opportunities, meeting with new people and seeing how we can help each other grow!

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