Training Reflections During COVID-19

We’ve been immersed in the COVID-19 crisis for over two months now. The economy has suffered a lot, the rallies to open the city up have begun, and oh so much more is taking place. From my role in strength and conditioning this time has been extremely exciting. What the time in quarantine has really shown me is simple. Who is ready to take their career to the next level when sports come back.

I really believe there are two categories of athletes during this time. Obviously there are always extenuating circumstances which may prevent action, but as a general rule I believe there are

A) The athletes that feel “everyone” is taking time off right now, so I’ll take it easy too


B)The athletes that realize this is an opportunity. When everyone is sitting around eating junk and watching TV, this type of athlete is figuring out their situation. What training can they still do? What equipment do they have access to? How can they continue to get better, and continue to push forwards while the rest of the world is upside down?

It is also an easy excuse to say that the gyms are closed so you can’t train right now. Please recognize this for what it is… An EXCUSE. If you are serious about your career, and truly want to come into next year ahead of where you’re at right now… You can find a way to train.

For myself and my strength and conditioning business, two of the main ways I have adapted and helped my athletes do the same are online training, and outdoor training. These are certainly not ideal circumstances, however to go with something ultra cliche… Where there’s a will… there’s a way.

If there is anything I have learned from a coaching perspective through these times it is that I absolutely LOVE working with athletes in person. Online coaching is doing the job, but there is nothing that compares to the face to face interaction in coaching. If there is anything else I’ve taken away from all of this, it is that I can’t WAIT to see athletes who have spent this time working and training their asses off dominate when sports come back.