Hesitation Leads To Devastation

Hesitation leads to devastation. This phrase on its own sounds extremely intimidating… devastation. However, allow me to dig deeper. The athletic world is FULL of athletes who want to play at the top level, want to compete against the best, and want to sign those million dollar contracts to live their best life. However, it is much less full of athletes really willing to make the commitment to living the life of a professional athlete.

The life of a professional athlete isn’t only bright lights, fame and fortune. Although this might be what we have access to as a society, what we may not see is the hundreds of thousands of hours of work behind the scenes that go into building those athletes.

To not only make it to the top level, but STAY there and make a career out of it takes incredible amounts of effort. So how should you go about giving yourself the best chance possible to make your dream come true?START NOW.

This does not mean that every waking minute should be spent playing your sport. However, the more time you can spend right NOW on developing all the pieces of the puzzle, the better chance you are giving yourself of creating some separation between you and the millions of other people trying to live that dream. When trying to become an elite athlete it is not only important to be good at your sport, but also to be mentally strong, to have a solid strength and conditioning program behind you, to understand how to manage time, how to properly recover, how to balance your schedule to avoid being overwhelmed, and just so much more. The younger you can start building these habits and separating yourself, the better chance you are giving yourself to succeed in your athletic career.