Diane Whalen – Customized Program Client

I couldn’t be happier with the on-line program design service I received from Kenny Dusseault. I was looking for a program customized to meet my needs, tailored both to my busy schedule and to specific areas of fitness that I felt I needed to address. Kenny consulted with me via a Zoom meeting, listening carefully to my goals and taking note of the (small amount) equipment I had available in my home. He came back to me in a timely fashion with a program that required very little equipment and took very little time (one of my requests). I am still using his program to this day-8 months later-because it works for me….mainly because it was designed perfectly to do just that. This is very telling because I have never stuck to any program before! I have also noticed a big improvement in my upper body strength (one goal), posture (another goal) and have been able to easily adapt the program by increasing the weights as I get stronger. Early on Kenny followed up with me to check to see how things were going, but I had no questions as he had provided me with clear written instructions along with extremely useful videos of how to properly do the exercises. I would highly recommend Kenny for any personal training program. He is passionate about his work, knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the training, clear in his instructions, and pleasant and fun to work with.