Felix Morin – Calgary Royals Hockey

My name is Felix Morin, and I am a sixteen-year-old competitive hockey player that has worked with Coach Kenny for almost a year. The amount of growth I’ve had with Kenny is phenomenal compared to any other training I have done in the past . Kenny is always supportive, caring, and always pushes me to my maximum capability. The programs he has led me through have been extremely focused on what I personally need to work on as a hockey player to improve my game and give me the best advantage against my opponents. Kenny is extremely dedicated to his work as a personal trainer and even finds time to come out to watch some of my hockey games. There has never been a day where I come into the gym and Kenny doesn’t have a smile on his face and is enthusiastic in wanting to make me better. While helping improve my technique and capabilities in weight lifting and cardio exercises, Kenny has gone above and beyond and helped me build a strong foundation for my work ethic and character. Every day in the gym Kenny motivates me to give 100% effort. Although Kenny has several other athletes that he helps train, he always makes time to help me in any way he can. Not only is Kenny a trainer, but he is a great friend as well because he is always listening and able to provide support and guidance for anything. With every one of his athletes, he will sit down and talk to them about their goals and aspirations in their sport and will do absolutely everything in his power to make sure those goals are achieved.

Overall, what makes Kenny a great trainer is his passion for his job. Kenny finds joy in making athletes better, always has an optimistic mindset, and creates a friendly yet competitive environment where he wants you to improve and succeed. With Kenny’s help, i was able to make the Calgary Royals Midget AA hockey team and be an assistant captain on it. To have this leadership role was truly amazing as I have never been a captain before. No matter what, Kenny always believed in me and showed true interest in me and my athletic goals, helping me every step along the way.

I am extremely lucky to have a trainer as dedicated, enthusiastic, supportive, and caring as Kenny.